What is process management 2030?

Jan 17, 2024 | Automation


Learn about innovative ideas that link process management with current & upcoming technologies to take operational excellence to the next level.

Have you experimented with any of the new text-to-image generators such as OpenAI’s DALL-E 2, Google Brain’s Imagen, and Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion? Will this approach impact how we do process management in the future? Explore which innovations will make a disruptive contribution in the next few years on the road to operational excellence.

Business process management and operational excellence are topics that have been highly prevalent in companies since the 1990s and have achieved great success. But the basic ideas seem to have remained largely unchanged for quite some time. I still remember a lecture by Michael Hammer, who “summarized” the basic ideas of process management in the 1990s with three provocatively simple statements:

  • Having any process at all is better than not having any process.
  • Having a good process is better than having a bad process.
  • Even a good process can be made even better.

Despite all the improvements, process management seems to remain largely unchanged as a stable rock in the corporate structure, using methods and technologies that have been known and proven for 20 years. Even with process mining as the current hype topic in process management, there was already a commercially successful solution 20 years ago.

Rapid change with new tools and technologies

On the other hand, we see a change with unprecedented speed: crisis follows crisis, and companies question and adapt their business models very quickly and seriously in order to assert themselves in this dynamic environment.

In addition, technological development is rapid and new technologies are the basis of many new business models. Many companies in all industries have recognized the opportunities of digitalization and are massively expanding their excellence in software development.

The list of technologies that are massively changing companies and markets is long: Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML), Virtual / Augmented Reality (VR/AR), Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies / Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Biometrics, Genome Editing, mRNA / Immunotherapy, Digital Twins, Internet of Things, Autonomous Systems, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Autonomous Driving, Quantum Computing, Cloud and Edge Computing, and Nuclear Fusion.

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