Have we forgotten about customer excellence?

Dec 26, 2023 | Operational Excellence


With many businesses letting customer experience take a back seat, discover how to integrate customer and process views

We see from a lot of examples that optimizing customer satisfaction has currently taken a back seat at many companies. Most operational excellence initiatives focus on efficiency and cost optimization. Customer care and operational excellence units seem to speak different languages, yet integrating the external customer view with the internal process one opens up major competitive advantages.

We all still have this summer’s images of airports in our minds, with long lines of passengers waiting for check-in and security checks or chaotic piles of suitcases that suggest that they will not all find their way to their owner. Many of these passengers will certainly not book their next vacation as an airline trip.

full version, originally published on 08/22/2022, Have we forgotten about customer excellence? (processexcellencenetwork.com)

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