How to ensure efficient communication of guidelines and policies across an organization

Feb 1, 2024 | Operational Excellence

Find out how a digital communication solution can enable businesses to ensure compliance of new rules and processes across hundreds of branches

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are affecting almost all businesses, but the retail sector in particular had to adapt to ever-changing conditions in quick succession. Grocery stores, discounters and pharmacies experienced a huge rush. They were also concerned by the massive changes that affect the entire retail sector and, beyond that, all companies with a large network of stores such as hotel chains, fitness studios and car rental companies. Opening and entrance restrictions, hygiene and cleaning regulations, and distance and route concepts had to be implemented in the shortest possible time.

This immense pressure brought on by the pandemic raises a question that has great significance for corporate success even beyond the pandemic: how can a company with a very large number of regionally-distributed branches and decentralized units ensure efficient communication between corporate headquarters and all employees? How can corporate headquarters provide assistance for all relevant processes? An important use case in regards to these challenges is the rapid onboarding of new employees and how it can be achieved without experienced employees having to take too long off from their actual tasks.

Employees need easy, role-specific access to work instructions, policies and emergency plans. There are still companies that distribute this information in thick folders rather than digitally. This makes it difficult and time-consuming to find the necessary information quickly and often the information is outdated. Also this does not allow a feedback mechanism from the employee to the corporate headquarters, an important aspect to understand real information needs and benefit from practical experiences in the branches.

Solutions via email or messenger apps also generally lead to information chaos and are not a secure basis for handling sensitive data and meeting data protection requirements.

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