Why process mining is just the beginning

Feb 9, 2024 | Operational Excellence

Discover the numerous extensions of process mining that form the new ‘enterprise mining’ approach

Process mining technologies have been used in many companies in recent years to bring transparency into business operations. In part 1, I discussed the success factors helping this technology to achieve its ‘must  have’ tipping point. In this follow up, I would like to highlight ‘enterprise mining’, an important further development, which allows completely new insights into all dynamic structures of a company.

The great success of process mining stems from the fact that the analysis of process execution leads directly to the identification of weaknesses and the optimization of a company’s operational activities. Processes are a key focal point of analysis as they significantly determine both the strategic positioning and the efficiency of a company.

Extension to enterprise mining

Currently, the mining approach is being extended to other aspects of the enterprise. Several perspectives, partly comprising a digital twin of an organization, can be collated under the comprehensive term ‘enterprise mining’, offering new insights into dynamic structures and their optimization possibilities. Based on the analysis of process, the following additional aspects are of interest for enterprise mining:

Business ecosystem

Meaningful process analyses do not stop at the company boundary but are extended to the entire value chain. To optimize key performance indicators relevant to the customer, such as on-time delivery performance or service quality, it is necessary to track the entire business ecosystem that covers the entire production and distribution chains, including the activities of suppliers and partners.

Task mining

The activities measured in the context of process mining, for example, creating an offer or checking an invoice, usually consist of individual steps that can be analyzed in more detail. The term ‘task mining’ has become established for the analysis of interrelated work steps that take place at a desktop, the origin of which lies in the context of robotic process automation (RPA).

(originally published  09/21/2021, Why process mining is just the beginning (processexcellencenetwork.com))

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